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Blissful blogger

“Millie why did you start blogging?”I could make a long ass list on reason I started blogging but Ill just tell y’all my to 3 reasons why I started blogging.

1. I needed and outlet a place where I can express myself, a place where I can just let it all go. My blog has definitely helped me write out my feelings and fell better about certin situations I’m going through in my everday life.

2. Connecting with other young-ish moms, no Im not a teenage mom but having a baby at 21 still makes me feel a little young and its nice to connect with other moms who like makeup, food and working out as much as I do! 

3. I can personally never keep up with a journal like I swear I leave them on my bedside table but when Im ready to write its know where to be found! 

Those are my top reasons for starting my blog. If your nervous about starting a blog dont be, there is someone out there who’s going to benefit from reading what you have to say! 


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