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Over Thinking is The Enemy😈


I have to admit that I often find myself over thinking everything. Always dwelling on why something hasnt happend the way I had planned it. I constantly go through diffrent scenarios in my head like “You should have done this Millie, and why did you say that? Ugh you say some simple shit sometimes.” I  was doing this so much I was beginning to drive myself crazy with all my over thinking. For the better part of my days  I have begin to chill out on my over thinking.

How? Well for starters  I definitely think more before I speak which was also an issue for me but also realizing that the things and conservation I overthink about people half to time dont  remeber! Over thinking can definitely keep you from getting shit done. It took me forever to get started on my blog becaue I was and am still scared about people reading it and wondering if y’all are going to like my blog and connect with me. I guess well see❤


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